Mother Nature

Head of the Department of Elements

Though her mythology often presents her as a giver of life, the true Mother Nature is instead focused on the elemental forces of nature, rather than the cycle of life and death. The current Mother Nature, who has been involved with the Celestials for thousands of years, is particularly interested in massive storms and hurricanes. Appropriately, she also has a terrible temper, and will swoop in to take over at the slightest sign of things going wrong among her employees, with reprimands for everyone involved. She is otherwise somewhat reclusive, and has failed to keep up-to-date with the latest trends.


In life, Mother Nature probably lived on an island somewhere in the Caribbean, where great storms were a constant threat. There, she was a powerful military commander, though the forces of her militia were just as often called in for relief efforts as they were for armed conflicts. She would spearhead the rebuilding of homes, the construction of seawalls, and the protection of displaced families. However, she was most known for her rage at those who would take advantage of the chaotic situations after hurricanes, and she fought ferociously against these bandits and raiders. Her expertise earned her an early position in her local pantheon, though even she has forgotten many of the details of her origin.


Mother Nature has only haphazardly managed to adapt to more recent styles, and now wears a mixture of clothes from various eras and locations: traditional ribbons, a Victorian skirt, an American t-shirt, and a bow tie. She has short, fine hair and carries a mystical bag that is said to contain the weather itself.