Head of the Department of Information

Usually, if an employee of the Dominion of Spheres becomes known in the mortal world, they are quickly disciplined for their recklessness, and usually let go. Anansi, however, has been deemed far too useful to be let go. Only Anansi knows where everything in the Archives of the Universe are stored after millenia of disorganization, and has been working tirelessly to convert the Archives into a digital format.


Anansi lived his life around the 10th century, in what is now southern Ghana. Anansi claims that all the stories told about him are true - or at least grounded in truth - though others in the department dispute this fact. The actual details of Anansi's mortal life remain something of a mystery, and no one has yet found the records in the Archives. Some people theorize that Anansi has altered the records in his favor. More well-documented are Anansi's logistical and organizational operations in the Department of Information.


Anansi has a bald head and a short beard. He wears casual, modern clothing, though he carries a neat little moss-covered rock with him at all times.