Father Time

Head of the Department of Time

Father Time is a jaded, old relic of an earlier, more hopeful time in the history of the Dominion of Spheres. As a result, he has become lax towards his duties, but is gentle towards his employees. Father Time has done little in recent memory to improve the quality of his department, and he hasn't met his quotas in centuries.


Due to Father Time's age, no one is certain who he was in life, or where he originated. He claims to be from ancient India, before recorded history, but the Archives are spotty about that time. Supposedly, he was quite gung-ho in the past, but as the Dominion became more and more bureaucratic, he lost his verve.


Over time, even an immortal can face significant injuries, and Father Time now walks with a cane. Otherwise, he keeps up with modern fashion, though he refuses to shave his long, gray beard.