Head of the Department of Life

Many think of Life as a perfect, balanced yogi, as a picture of serenity and peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. Life is harsh, Life is committed, Life is selfish, Life is dangerous. Life takes what she needs, and does not always consider the consequences. Though this does not mean she cannot be beautiful or kind - just remember that she is strong.


Another of the oldest members of the Dominion of Spheres, Life lived her mortal existence in Australia, one of the first to come to that continent. Life was one of the earliest mariners, but she was also a warrior and fought many battles before retiring to a quiet life as a farmer. Life later joined the local pantheon, and watched Australia change, live, and die over the millenia, taking special interest in the changing interior of the continent as it grew more arid and less hospitable.


Life doesn't care about your cultural norms, and wears the same clothes that she has for 50,000 years, including beads, paints, and tattoos.