Guan Yu

The head of the Department of Departments, also known as the Jade Emperor

As the head of the Department of Departments, the Jade Emperor is the de facto leader of the Dominion of Spheres' operations, subordinate only to the Divines themselves. The Jade Emperor was responsible for restructuring the disjointed pantheon system into the unified Dominion of Spheres as it is known today. Over the years, the Jade Emperor has kept up with advances in management, organizational structure, and technology. In recent years, he has even introduced computer systems, and has learned to program them himself. He is also said to enjoy playing tactical strategy games online.


As a mortal, the Jade Emperor was instead known as Guan Yu (關羽) or Changseng (長生). Guan Yu was a noble warrior in late Han Dynasty China with a penchant for history. He fled his original hometown after he was caught stealing from another nobleman's jealously guarded library. He then enlisted in the army of Emperor Liu Bei of Shu Han. Guan Yu was then captured and forced to serve a rival emperor, who spared Guan Yu for his prowess in battle and wisdom in council. After performing great deeds for this emperor (whose name was Cao Cao), he departed on good terms. He was finally captured by the Eastern Wu Kingdom, and executed. He became a posthumous member of the local pantheon, which he quickly converted into an early version of the Dominion of Spheres.


Guan Yu is a strong, red-faced man with a peerless beard. He has kept up-to-date with modern fashion, and dresses formally in a suit, a tie, and a thin pair of glasses. His signature weapon is a guandao known as Green Dragon Crescent Blade, which is said to contain the spirit of a dragon and is freezing cold to the touch.