Isle of Grownde

Island in the southeastern arm of the Keshi Archipelago

The Isle of Grownde is an island in the southeastern arm of the Keshi Archipelago. The island was chosen as the crew's destination after they abscond with The Fold. Like other islands in the southeastern arm of the archipelago, it is extremely rocky, with large cliffs and towering rock formations. The island is mostly uninhabited, though it has an owlin outpost and a scooter nest (though this is a recent development).

Scooter Nest

The scooter nest is built in a cave on the northeast side of the island, and is run by Matron Taash and Anti-Priest Steth. The scooters moved to this location at most a few years ago, after their gods abandoned them.

Golden Flame Blockade

Sometime after the Dawn's Light first visited, the Golden Flame moved a blockade here, preventing easy access to the Scooter Nest and the owlin outpost. The blockade is headed by Jorge Calvo, but ultimately under the command of Per Anco. According to Barnabas, the blockade is probably here to protect the subterranean Golden Flame labs, which were previously abandoned.