The Floating Market

The Floating Market comes to Welkin only once a year, bringing luxury goods from all across the Keshi Archipelago to the small port town. The wealthy browse the market stalls in search of mystical trinkets, exotic spices, and imported meats and fishes, while those who lack the pearls to actually buy anything come just to see the curios and smell the alluring scents.

This year, you’re going for a different reason. One of the Termite Folk – the clan of halfling that organize the Market – has hired your group to pick up an item from one of the merchants. Unfortunately, the item isn’t for sale: you’ll either have to convince the merchant to give it up somehow, or just steal it. But you’ve been offered your pick of any of the items on sale – and who wouldn’t want, say, a brand new boat from the Archipelago’s finest shipwright?

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